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Reha - what for?


Rehabilitation serves to restore our physical capacity and social skills in private and professional life, if they are restricted due to illness or disability.

Rehabilitation Program

In our registered medical association PHYSIOKOOP at the Hessian Medical Association, we offer together with physical education teachers and physiotherapists a medically supervised medical training therapy. Back problems of different genesis as well as deterioration of condition due to respiratory and lung disease, tumours and sleep apnea can be treated in outpatient rehab for up to three months. On the basis of a medical and physiotherapeutic initial examination, an individual training plan is created. The training program is led by a therapist under medical supervision.  

By combining rehab with acupuncture and pain therapeutics, spinal surgery can sometimes be avoided. Following intervertebral disk surgery and medical interventions, the medically-supervised medical training therapy can help you get in shape faster again and relieve symptoms sustainably.

If you do not recover after an operation or despite optimally adjusted medication no improvement occurs, rehabilitation is prescribed. This can also occur in a suitable clinic. We can prepare you for such a stay and follow up on your progress.

Qigong und Taiji

Qigong and Taiji improve the general state of health and have therefore been proven in many diseases or for preventive health care. Qigong courses are regularly attended by Dr.  Brauner who is a qualified Taiji and Qigong teacher.

Expert`s Reports

In the practice, Dr. Brauner regularly compiles expert’s reports relevant to social court proceedings for pensions or insurance affairs.  

The reports relate to the fields of pulmonary and bronchial medicine, allergology, sleep medicine, internal medicine and rehabilitation medicine.