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Coughing is a natural defense reflex. In pathological conditions, a cough may have complex origins, which should be investigated by a specialist such as a pneumologist if the cough has lasted longer than six weeks.  

Shortness of breath often occurs only with physical exertion at the initial stages. It is often not perceived when individuals are not used to doing a lot of physical activity. Some people even avoid physical efforts in order not to feel the discomfort of breathlessness. Since the causes may be lung and/or heart disease, it is recommended to undergo diagnostics at the appearance of first signs. Shortness of breath at rest is usually an emergency case and must be treated immediately.  

 Acute infections of the respiratory tract are usually caused by a virus. People without chronic diseases usually recover within three weeks when hit by an infection. In case of strong discomfort a doctor should be consulted. For patients with chronic asthma or COPD a viral infection may lead to severe complications. Thus it is recommended to ask for medical advice at the beginning when an infection occurs in order to prevent hospital admissions.  

Chest pain can be due to heart, pleura/lung or musculoskeletal problems. One should not hesitate to seek a medical diagnosis in order to exclude severe disease.  

Dry mucous membranes of the throat and the bronchial tract are often caused by disturbed nasal breathing and can cause coughing. Inhalations of saline solutions via electrical or membrane nebulizers may be helpful in these cases. Instruction for appropriate inhalation therapy is offered in our practice.


Acute infections of the respiratory tract are mostly due to viral conditions and in healthy individuals often healed after two to three weeks. If the general condition is severely impaired, healthy persons should also consult the doctor, for example to rule out pneumonia.
Acute infection is a high risk for patients with chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma or COPD. Green staining of the bronchial mucus may be interpreted as an indication of a bacterial infection. It is therefore recommended to seek medical attention. Early crisis management helps prevent hospital admissions.

Chest pain can be caused by the heart, pleura, lungs or musculoskeletal system. Medical clarification has a high urgency here.

Dry mucous membranes are often associated with nasal obstruction and cause coughing, throat pain and a tendency to gasp. In such a case, it is recommended to exclude sinusitis and allergy. Hifreich are inhalations with saline solutions via electrical or membrane nebulizers. Steam baths with essential oils, on the other hand, usually over-inflate. In our practice, the patient can test various forms of inhalation and then get prescribed a suitable device for home inhalation.