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Qigong is a Chinese remedial gymnastics that combines breath and movement with the consciousness and thereby contributes to a harmonization of physiological functions. The exercises are in contrast to the yoga standing up. In fact, they also train the staying power.

Man moves on the earth and towers in the sky. The eyes and the sensitive nerves of the skin, muscles and bones give us an orientation in the room. The rhythmic movement of the diaphragm during breathing creates a subliminal perception of our midsection, the chest and abdomen. Arms and legs balance this self in the middle against gravity and the environment. The movements of our body take place in a space that can be regarded as the geometric shape of an octahedron with a vertical and a horizontal axis and the orientation of the four cardinal directions.

Qigong trains the balancing ability of the body in this octahedral space and gives us the feeling of a strong center with strong axes. The rhythmically opening and closing respiratory movement finds its equivalent in spiraling opening and closing movements of the extremities. Arms and legs are connected very effortlessly with the trunk without effort. It creates a round, harmonious body feeling, which is maintained during regular exercise in everyday life. Tensions, distortions and blockages are solved. Consciously and unconsciously, an unwavering image of our body develops in the brain and enables a freer, "more self-conscious" treatment of our environment. It does not create a feel-good trance, but rather a concentrated attention, which gives our personality the freedom to express. Conscious breathing in qigong intensifies self-awareness. The ability to breathe deeply also allows us to experience emotions more deeply and consciously. Our self-expression should also manifest in our breathing. Qigong unlocks the breathing for it.

Once a week there is a course in Bad Soden in which Brauner teaches the Qigong method of Tao exercises from the tradition of Yang style Taiji.