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Chinese Pulse Diagnostic

Due to its thousands of years of history, Chinese pulse diagnostics have produced numerous variants, which are usually either more related to acupuncture therapy or treatment with medicinal plants. Here is a method of pulse diagnosis used, which refers mainly to the acupuncture and is taught in a modern variant of Joan Duveen, an acupuncturist from the Netherlands. The focus here is not so much on the detection of exogenous damage factors of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as wind, cold, heat, humidity and drought, but the interaction pattern of five basic energy movements, which as generating (wood), expanding (fire), limiting (metal), collecting (water) and mediating powers (Earth) are known according to the five phases of transformation of TCM. Stagnation, deficits and dominance of these forces reflect the psycho-physical pattern in which man moves in health and illness. The properties of the acupuncture points corresponding to these forces are used therapeutically to harmonize the play of these energies.