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   The clinic was founded in Bad Soden am Taunus in 1998 by myself and since October 1st, 2017 operates as a private practice. The focus is on lung and bronchial medicine. After almost 20 years in the medical profession, I have given the approval to a competent colleague elsewhere in the Main-Taunus district, who has taken on the further care of my previous state-insured patients.  

Another location for the private practice is now set up in Bad Homburg, where currently a weekly private consultation takes place. The main location will continue to be Bad Soden.  


The previous philosophy of holistic and partnership medicine will also continue to accompany the private practice. However, there will be more time for the individual patient and thus the chance to tackle even more complex problems. The integration of naturopathic and conventional medical procedures was always an important aspect for me. The private practice now offers the possibility to implement the whole range of possibilities. The natural healing methods and instructions for independent health management, should therefore be given a large space in the future.  

Sleep disorders are very common today and affect nerves, respiration, circulation and the immune system. With our outpatient sleep laboratory we want to help restore healthy sleep and offer solutions for complex disorders.  

I have always striven to achieve optimal treatment results during my medical work sometimes using unusual methods and always in cooperation with family physicians and a network of experts. This will continue to be the principle of my work.  

On the other hand, despite the array of therapeutic options, there are always limits to improving health. Be it the advanced destruction of lung tissue such as pulmonary emphysema or a permanent disability that has existed for a long time. Accepting something immutable rather than complaining often releases unimagined powers for the remaining health. However, as has been repeatedly shown in patient counselling over the years, many sufferers are unaware of what is actually immutable and what is changeable.

To understand diagnoses I see not only a basis for therapeutic procedures, but also an opportunity for the patient to gain insights about their own possibilities and limitations. A special concern for us is therefore an information-oriented clarification. It can lead to a learning process that opens up new perspectives, which in turn gives hope.  

To promote health-conscious behaviour and identify personal health risks, we offer a thorough health check as prevention.  


In our team we have two mothers with preschool children who have converted the practice into a workplace that allows good work and family integration.

Over the years, numerous medical assistants have successfully completed their vocational training in the practice. Our practice was issued a certificate of honour from the Landesärztekammer Hessen (Hessian Medical Association) for intensive involvement in training. Training will continue to be an integral part of the practice concept in the future; providing future medical assistants with the know-how of an internistic pneumological practice.


We are completely at your side

Also via media. Therefore, please use our website to find out about our spectrum before and after your visit! You can download fact sheets and read my magazine articles as well as current statements in my blog. Call us or send an email if you have any questions! We also examine and treat children and infants with lung, bronchial or allergy problems.